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Learning with - and from - others

Roberts Serben LLC is focused on producing training products for seminar environments. That means our training programs are created for people learning from each other in live settings.This approach gives everyone the essential opportunites to observe, ask questions in real time, work in groups, and shape their learning take-aways for their specific needs. These settings allow for learners to ask the classic questions that naturally occur when people learn from others:

  • How will that work?
  • Why did you try that?
  • What problems have you faced?
  • If you could redo your approach, what would you do differently?
  • What's your reasoning behind that?
  • What did you learn?

Because these questions occur in real time, real discussion, not electronic responses, deepen learning.


Training programs are based on the three-part Discover, Deepen, and Develop design. This approach stems from the foundational concept of adult learning theory and practice: respecting what the learner brings to the learning environment

Each program offers a set of principles that serve the learner beyond the program; ideal for those who are committed to life long learning.


Learning with and from others is the way people have learned throughout history. Perhaps its time you offered your learners this classic method to meet the demands and challenges of the modern workplace.

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