Facilitation - Creating an active learning environment

What is facilitation

Facilitation is the artful use of platform skills, active listening, and learning techniques by the leader of a training program.  Its essential aim is to connect training content with the participant. It's been an essential part of learning since people began learning from each other.

What does a professional facilitator bring to a training program?

A professional facilitator brings a high level of communication skill, experience, and the enthusiasm that comes from helping others. Using a professional facilitator keeps current HR and training staff in their most productive roles in the organization.  it's the proven way to deliver the learning benefits of a live seminar style training meeting. 

What program participants say about Bob

"Bob is a great presenter" 

"Thought the presentation was great.  Very clear and informative."

"Thank you!" 

"Thank you, Bob!" 

"The presenter was extremely accessible."

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