The Values Connection: A Program for Leaders

Why are values important?

Today, almost every business has a written list of values on its website. Customers and communities want to understand what's really important to an organization, and assume the organization's behavior will be driven by those values.

Because values communicate  the "what," "why," and "how" of  an organization, they can build a positive reputation with customers and communities, attract the best talent, and guide decision making. 

Yet, the values that really shape the activity, thinking, and style of an organization are often unwritten. They are learned through experience and observing the behavior of others - especially leaders. Learning about values in these ways is echoed the saying, "actions speak louder than words." This is why leadership behavior can be a fundamental teacher of values.

Creating an awareness of the power of leadership behavior in connecting people to the real values of an organization is why this program was created.

About the program

This half-day session offers: 

  • Role relevant content 
  • A live, small group setting 
  • A business experienced facilitator 
  • Personalized take-aways

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